Wingin’ It at Buffalo Wild Wings


A wise quote once said that you can go back to a place you haven’t been to in awhile in order to see how far you have grown. Places, just like people, have a way of reminding us of specific seasons in our lives. I don’t know about you but I can be quite the place escaper. Once I associate specific seasons of my life with certain places, I have the tendency to run away as far as I can possibly can. Places are often marked with either bad memories or good memories and the ones that I often return to are places that bring about only the good memories. It’s good to know that there are only a few places I don’t go back to but at the same time but there are also specific places that serves as an in between. One of those places is Buffalo Wild Wings (or Bdubs as I fondly call it) in Estancia Mall. Without even realizing the place has served a mix of a lot of memories and going inside it always leaves me breathless with a sense of awe, wondering what’s next for me.

As a sports enthusiast, the prospect of Buffalo Wild Wings opening in the Philippines was particularly exciting for my friends and I. We enjoyed viewing the Superbowl and this year’s NBA Finals there and love the over all vibe of the place. It holds a deep affinity for me because it’s the place my family goes to after basketball games at nearby Ynares Arena.
And while it took me awhile to go back due to personal reasons, its latest offering couldn’t help but pull me back in. You see, we all need a place to escape to. We all need a place where we can just sit down with our friends and just relax from life’s mix of big and small annoyances. I needed a good time with my girls the week after my birthday and we found ourselves delighting over Bdub’s latest offerings.
Not only did I enjoy the many servings of wings (and fried mozzarella, my favorite one!) and trying out all the different sauces, what made this particular trip to Bdubs in Capitol Commons is the fact that I faced my fear and returned to a place that brought about a lot of not so good memories in the past month (definitely not because of the food!). I faced my fear and glad I did because I don’t think there’s a way for
My friends raved about BDub’s Happy Hour where they were able to enjoy their favorite drinks for only P55/ bottle. But more than anything, it was nice to step back and just spend time with them laughing over the most random of things.

But for me, the most important part is facing your fear of going back to place and discovering how much you have changed and how much courage you have mustered since you were last there. It puts things into perspective that while some places remain the same, you don’t and the only logical thing to do is to keep moving forward.