Won’t You Save Me San Francisco?


It has been eight years since I started working and I haven’t had a proper vacation in ages. Excluding a few quick weekends in between, vacations often meant going to the mall and spending all day watching Scandal.
My dad changed my definition of vacation when he gifted our entire family to a trip to the States to visit family we haven’t seen in ages. Our stops included Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and lastly San Francisco.
This is my first time in San Francisco and since it’s the only place we didn’t have family and was on our own for the first time. Stationed in Holiday Inn in Fisherman’s Wharf, we had no clue how to get from one place to another but thankfully God sends his angels at the right time and this was true for our Tito, Warren Marcos. After being here for three weeks, we have come to understand that Americans are extremely busy and most of the time, vacationers are left to explore the city on our own. It was fun to be more than just tourists and to travel the way the locals do but since we only had three days to explore San Francisco, we wanted to explore as much as we can and this is the reason why we are thankful for Tito Warren for taking us everywhere. We left the comforts of San Francisco to travel the different parts of the famed “bay area” to visit Silicon Valley (the dork in me took a million photos at Facebook and Google), Palo Alto, and even the home of the Warriors, the “Roar-acle”. Tito Warren also patiently brought us to all the outlets where we spent hours trying to find the best deals. We also had a few “uh-oh” moments when our tire literally blew up in the middle of the Bay Bridge and we had to change it right there. We also had the experience of their “police” cameras when we took a wrong turn on the Fast Track.  San Francisco was everything I expected it to be. Truly, it’s a blessing when you are placed at the right place at exactly the right time with the right people.

It is true that when you travel, your perspective of the world changes. What used to be such a big deal back home is now seen as minute. Traveling with family is also a blessing because who else would you want to spend the most precious moments of life with?  This trip was the restart I needed just in time for my 27th year and I couldn’t wait to see what’s next.