“You can’t wait for someone to save you, sometimes you HAVE to LEARN to save yourself”


I think I had a mini break down last week.

I was bored to death and detested office politics even more this week than any other time this month.

But I’m determined to have a better week this week and try several perspective changes that might, or better yet, will change my life.

You know, I noticed that we are always being placed in situations that test us and no amount of complaining can allow us to escape it.

So you turn situation around and you see what you could learn from it. It’s so tiring to have an eternal scowl on your face and a heavy heart because you keep fueling its belief that you’re not where you want to be.

Frustrating at best, disruptive at worst. No other way to go but to find your own happiness, whether it be from a book, a coffee cup or a tv series and if you’re lucky you draw joy from all three. The Desiderata reminds us to always strive for happiness, no matter what.

I do miss my kids, just like I miss them everyday but the good times hardly teach us anything. I think they’re meant to be there to get us through crappy times.

However, I debunk the belief (and my all time fear) that you never quite get what you want and all days echo the same emptiness and sadness.

It’s one of those emo days but I gotta stop allowing my emotions take over me and you know i’m learning.

Respect is a word that’s thrown around often but hardly practiced.

Let’s all have a great weekend. Monday’s going to be the start of a slammin’ week 🙂

Btw 2 books I recommend:
1) How Starbucks Saved My Life (Gates, Michael)
2) Heaven’s Butterfly by my little sis, Pia Guballa. I’m proud of you, you know I am.