18 and busy as a bee


To begin with, i’ll say this:
i HATE, LOATHE and DESPISE goodbyes.
My sister had to go home last Sunday and it really broke my heart:-(
I think the whole airport scene just blew me away.
I miss my ate:-(
Anyway, I was supposed to write this entire entry about how I would rather be better rather than bitter, but I never got around to doing it simply because of this mundane fact:
I had three midterms this week and one of them I have to do later.
Kill me now, will you? HAHAHA.
Even if I say that I am not making a big deal out of me being 18 and LEGAL. I actually am. Last Saturday I actually went inside a liquior store and pointed at the sign about not allowing minors and shouted to my dad and younger brother, “I AM LEGAL NOW. THESE GUYS WOULDN’T THROW ME OUT”

My brother and dad wanted to crawl under the grocery bags that they were holding. But I didn’t care. I was so proud of myself. I’m 18!!!!!!!!!!

Without a license though because my dad says how can he trust me with driving if I get lost in grocery stores?

Good point.
Despite my busy schedule I just couldn’t stop but finish tree hill’s third season. i LOVED it, except for the fact that haley and nathan are so into each other. it HURTS. Haha. I am sucha wacko but it was a good season. I can’t wait for the next one. YAY!