“Good lis like water that nourishes without trying”


Sometimes when you’re caught in a jiffy and stuck in depression, you somehow wait for something major to pull you out of it. SOMETHING SO BIG that you’d start thinking, “That’s why everything was going so bad before this, this is the answer to all of that crap”. Like some law of cosmic karma owes us anything.

But more often than not, what brings in the light is not the BIG MAJOR things but the small ones. The small ones that are done out of the goodness of one’s heart. The goodness that doesn’t cause the world to go, “aww, that’s so nice of you”. The ones that most people forget of.

That’s the kind of goodness/kindness that could pull you out of the dark hole. The hope that maybe, despite the crumminess of this unfair and unjust life, there’ s still good people out there and that the only way that could help you out of it would be sharing the goodness too.

Its so much easier to BITCH AROUND PEOPLE you don’t LIKE but it feels better to actually just try to be nice. I’ve realized that in order for one to be truly in bliss, it would be better to stop trying to CONTROL PEOPLE and how they act towards you. Its so much better to just LET THEM BE. If they treat you right, THANK YOU. If not, then that’s thier problem.

People are only mean when they’re threatened” -Morrie Schwartz

The world has its drama. Everyone has a story to tell, but hardly anyone wants to listen. Everyone wants to talk. I may be a talkative nut who speaks a thousand words a minute, but if the situation calls for it. If its needed to listen. I do listen.

And because of these little things, I realized that i’m HAPPIER.