a little honesty wouldn’t hurt anyone


I must admit that despite my cynical nature, I do get mushy every once in awhile. Especially after seeing Naley and DunVe (that’s nathan and haley, veronica and duncan for all of you non tvholiocs such as myself) on the tube, i just want to cry and say, “when would I ever have that???”

I’m actually proud of myself that I have gotten past the stage wherein I wanted someone JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE HAD ONE. Instead, I’m in that stage wherein I realized that these relationships actually take time and take more than just oogly eyes and red roses on a bad day. It actually means sharing all of your life’s details with someone else, something I find very unnerving since I’m very obsessive about MY schedule. I cannot have a boyfriend and just drop him if I don’t have the time for it (haha, insensitive beeyotch). HE would be a part of my life and everything would change, shift or alter even if in just a minusicule way.

But that doesn’t mean, I don’t think or wish for it every once in awhile because I do. NO matter how tough I am and how wicked ass my comments are about relationships, I am human after all and I do get caught up in human emotions.

Not that I’m ALONE, I have enough people to last me a lifetime. BUT, there’s the end of the day part. There’s also the time wherein everyone would have someone and I’d have NO ONE.

scary. I know. and PATHETIC.

but as i’ve said, a little honesty about THAT wouldn’t kill me…

but i guess the macroeconomics midterm would.