how can the geek ever survive?


It has been four days since school and I am bored to bits.

There is absolutely nothing to do. On days like these I wish that I didn’t finish the entire season of one tree hill in just one sitting (I made it sound like food). I’m starting to watch supernaturnal but I guess I am going to consume that in one sitting too. Hohum. Both guys are hot though. haha:-)

I really really miss school. Hmph!:)

Okay. That statement would now seal my singleness.

Okay, this is just weird just before I logged on to blogger, I actually had a lot of things to write about and when I sat down in front of the computer, pooft! all ideas just went down the drain. It must be the freakin weather, its damaging my brain.

“stay smart, stay single”

I was going around the mall earlier and I just saw a shirt that said this on display and I wanted to grab it right away… only I didn’t have money so never mind. Next time, I hope. Anyway, that shirt made me think though. Is being single really the smart way to go about it?