18 in less than five hours


Would you believe that I’m hitting the big 1-8 in less than five hours? I should feel oh so grown up already. I’m legal in less than five hours and yet I don’t feel 18ish AT ALL. I feel more like 13 rather than 18. In some aspects of my life, I’m totally grown up. I mean its scary that I know what I SHOULD be doing a year from now and I KNOW what I should be doing and what I should NOT be spending time on. THE BORING side of life I think I pretty much got it covered. The FUN side, now that’s something I need to work on. My idea of fun so far consists of barney, tv shows (new favorite, GREY’S ANATOMY) and lotsa books, blogging and basketball. Other than that, I think i’m stuck in toddler world. BUT that’s okay, since I’m finally confident with who I am and all that self actualization crap and besides, I’m already smart mouthed enough, its enough to piss people off.

So, how did I spend the weekend before my big 1-8?


and dehaydrated and SICK.
No, I didn’t go drinking (was supposed to go with my sister, damn virus!) instead I was stuck at home because of the flu that has been going around since last week.

I was getting chills all of Friday and Saturday night. Getting sick isn’t funny. Especially when your parents think that the reason you’re sick is because you’re anorexic. Told you it isn’t funny because they force you to eat the entire weekend which I think adds more to my being sick than helping me recover.

For the first time in my college career, I was absent. That got me really depressed. BOO!
NO expectations for my 18th. I’m just happy to be alive and not anorexic. Haha.:-)
I’M ALVIE. TO more birthdays. CHEERS!