why the world needs superman


Its sucha cliché, I know. Just today, I read two articles on the very same topic but that doesn’t stop me from writing down my own version of the topic. To begin with, the movie was cute. Batman Begins and Spiderman still top my superhero movie list, but Superman makes one amazed simply because he can stop anything and do anything he wants. Not to mention, that there is now a superboy existing and Lois Lane, no matter what she does is in love with the man of steel. If that isn’t worth gushing over then I don’t know what is.

We need superman simply because the idea of him just makes everything else more bearable. As if it gives us that sort of hope, that when things turn dire, there would be someone to save us from it. That if run out of options, there would be that majestic hero to sweep us of our feet and rescue us, making everything okay.
HOWEVER, if you have seen the movie, you would realize that Superman isn’t as super as we all would like to think. Kryptonite isn’t his only weakness, there’s also Lois Lane, SuperBoy and his biological father. He was hurt by Lois Lane moving on and was hurt when he couldn’t contact his father anymore. NO matter how powerful superman is, even his super powers that everyone wishes to have couldn’t protect him from normal human emotions that we all humans feel.

We need superman to save us from wars, accidents and other things that could harm us physically. But I guess, what we never realized is this: Superman could never save us from the emotional hurt that we all go through every once in awhile. Physical pain, we can easily get over it but the emotional ones, the only person who can save us from all the emotional pain is ourselves and no one else. Even superman himself couldn’t save himself from all the emotional crap he was going through.

So, I guess we do need superman these days since violence is spurting everywhere and the world has indeed been cruel, but we must remember that we ourselves our superheroes in our own right. We all have things to deal with and we get through them a little bruised and hurt but nonetheless OKAY. That is super enough for me. Surviving each hurt and moving on is something that we do ourselves. So the next time that you feel the need to call on Superman because you’re caught in a jiffy, take a deep breath, pray for God’s strength, remember the other jiffies you’ve been through and you’ll realize that with or without Superman, each problem would be solved.

Unless of course you’re falling from a building- now that’s a totally different story.