friends with benefits?


I must be really old fashioned or totally out of date, but excuse me from saying this:
“I don’t get the friends with benefits deal”.
I mean, when my friends get into it, I respect thier decisions, but that doesn’t mean that I actually get what they’re trying to do. It’s pretty much like how Ellie felt about it when Peyton told her about the whole friends with benefits deal. Its kindda surprising to me, but saying that makes me feel like I’m 50 and not soon to be 18. I should understand these things and embrace them, but its all to huge of a deal for me, I don’t think I can simply let it go.

I understand being friends first, but making out and sleeping with someone without having to commit is pure BS to me. These things are precious and the least that you could ask from your partner is their commitment. Guys, I could probably understand, but girls? Its in our nature to be jealous and demand more from our partners- commitment being one of them. I know, even if these girls try to conceal beneath the new trend in dating, they could never conceal the hurt and the agony they go through every time their new friends with benefits partner is friends with benefiting with someone else. Relationships require time and a certain amount of responsibility, its not something you try on and leave hanging.

Girls deserve more than this friends with benefits crap. If a guy couldn’t give you commitment, then he isn’t worth anything at all. Its better to know your worth and make sure that you get what you deserve. I know, sounding preachy again, but please I for one, don’t spend all the time looking good and looking okay just so some guy could come up to me and suggest the whole friends with benefits thing. I couldn’t give up something I’ve been saving for someone who wouldn’t give me the time of the day unless he needs it.