.:. The hyenas.:.
Try spending a day with us, you wouldn’t stay sane long enough. whahahaha.;p

.:. With the fashion sisters, often called lokaretes too.:.
Chorong and Kristelle. OMG! Their laughter’s so contagious and their kwentos can brighten any one’s day. Seriously. They’re always hyper and on the go.;) I love them.;) (oh and yes I borrow thier shades from time to time..whahahaha)

.:. The whacked dynamic chocoduo hyenas.:. (our name gets longer every week hahaha!)
That is Kae. She’s as baliw as me and as kulit. As vain-yeah I think. My constant textmate (boo-hoo unlimited expired today!;’c). She gets me with the look lang and is my constant chocolate buddy. I’ve been blessed definetley:)
Imagine, we sit beside each other in each class and still we don’t run out of things to
talk about. We’re very shallow people. But who cares? Shallow is deep.