.:. Baby Dynamite.:.
NOTE: not trying to be mean here just a little humor wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

Topic: baby dynamite

People Involved: Kae, Darren, Rayon, Josh and Me.

Place: The Lounge (the place to be or rather-the only place to be…hehe)

Josh: Rayon, bagay kayo ni Kaboom!

(They all start laughing but since I’m clueless as usual, I ask who’s Kaboom)

Kae: The girl from *toot toot*

Rayon: Uyy, wag naman ang sama niyo!

Me: Huh? Sino un? Is she the one with short hair? (I continue describing her until Josh says…)

Josh: “Ung pangit!”

(I errupt in laughter)

Me: “Ang sama niyo!”

Darren: “May inner beauty naman un…”

Rayon: “Naglagay ka pa ng inner beauty!”

Kae: “You know what Ersh said? He said that when she held the roman candle, she held it the wrong way”

(All of us eruptted in laughter again…)