.:. Joan and Adam .:.
The whole Joan and Adam lovestory has got me captivated. Its not as unrealistic as Lana and Clark, as mushy as Nathan and Haley (I still think haley’s stupid and selfish) or as complicated as Marissa and Ryan (arrggg…would they ever get over themsevles?). The whole show doesn’t focus on it-but its still there. You see Joan and Adam were friends at the start of the show when she first moved to Arcadia. Then God intervened. He asked her to do something that would hurt Adam (she wrecked his greatest piece of art). After a few episodes they were back to being friends and even kissed at some point. But God intervened again. Adam ended up dating someone else (Iris) since Joan didn’t seem to know what she wants (hmm..sounds familiar). Obviously, they still liked each other but both are just confused. Every Joan of Arcadia episode makes me cry but the one last Friday is definetly one for the books.
(This scene is when Joan comments on Adam’s new way of dressing. He was wearing a colored shirt as opposed to his old “gray” way of dressing. His new look was inspired by his new girlfriend.)

ADAM: “What are we Jane?” (btw, he calls her Jane). We’re not together but sometimes I feel that we are.
Joan tries to say something but obviously doesn’t have enough courage. You should have seen their expression, it was a totally “haaay” moment.

(This scene is in the hallway after school. The night before Joan was with Adam. She was upset over some family stuff and asked for Adam’s advice. They were about to kiss when Iris caught them.)
Joan: I’m sorry for being such a flake, Adam. Its just that our first kiss was just supposed to go away. But after last night…

Adam: (his eyes are obviously tearing up) I’m with Iris, Jane.

Joan: I know its just…

(They are not interruptted by Iris, who kisses Adam infront of Joan. Gurrr. Joan walks away and Adam’s eyes are still welling up.)

(This scene happens in Joan’s porch. She’s crying due to family problems and she just spoke with God when Adam arrives.)

ADAM:Why are you crying Jane?

Joan: Well,its not entirely because of you. Just some of it. (tries to giggle)

Adam: I spoke to Iris.

Joan: What did you tell her?

Adam: I told her how I felt… I feel the same way you feel, Jane. I’ve been hurt before Jane and im afraid. But I thought of you and suddenly being afraid doesn’t matter anymore.

(Joan doesn’t say anything but cries again.)

Adam: You’re crying again.

Joan: (with a smile) I know..

Okay, okay accuse me of being mushy but yeah it made me cry. I couldn’t explain it. I was just really really touched by the scene. Finally, they’re together. And you know what adds more to “kilig factor”?
The fact that behind all of this is God. . .;) Despite all the “intervening” He did at the beginging, adam and joan still ended up together (at least as of the last episode).
Hope for all of us who believe that there really is someone out there.. somewhere…at the right time.