I am 22 years old today.

And God is wonderfully amazing because on the day that I turned 22, God has blessed me with an amazing church service with Ricardo Sanchez.

He blessed me with great friends, officemates, good health and a loving family.

He also blessed me with a GIFT CERTIFICATE from Fully Booked from my Kuya and Reena 🙂

And most importantly, He gave me Jesus and that’s the reason why I can enjoy all these wonderful things.

And although there is something that i truly want in my life right now, i won’t allow it to spoil the good things that God has given me.

He has blessed me with so much love and so much grace that there really shouldn’t be anything missing in my life.

I know my 22nd year will be my best year so far! 🙂

“Nothing is missing. Nothing is broken. It is finished, His love has spoken” 🙂