25 Quirks from 2009


Kins tagged me last month but since I was so busy, I never got around to doing it—till now. Hey, everybody needs a little breather during their lunch break.
If I tagged you then it means I love you and cannot live without you. So you better do this and tag others as well! Haha!

1) When I was younger, I wanted to be an actress. It was embarrassing; every family gathering was used as a mean to “exploit” my talent. But my dad knew better, my dad knew that his chubby 4 year old could never be Princess Sarah…
2) Since that didn’t work out, I urged my parents to turn me into a commercial model. Yes, that was the “in” thing before. Again, it’s my baby brother who has the talent for that…
3) So in college, I decided to take up Advertising which is drama enough! So now all those creative ideas when I was younger (you know, how my movie posters would look, how my pictorials would be) is manifesting. Now, that’s the reason why I thought I’d be in the entertainment industry—to fuel up my creativity! So no hard feelings I’m at a good place.=)
4) Right after my stint at Chocolate, I decided that I wanted to be an FA. But, my eyes are so bad, the interviewers saw right through me. Ohwell, I’m at SISC for a reason right?
5) Over the holidays, I met eight amazing kids! It was like I adopted them for three weeks- spoiling them with food and random gifts…
6) I’ve always wanted to adopt, so even if I do end up having kids of my own, I would still adopt a Korean boy or girl.
7) I used to have a “clothing phase”: I used to wear black all the time in college (don’t ask!), then I used to wear red all the time (that’s for good luck, baby!) then I went through a dressy stage (I was wearing a dress every single day) then I went through “I hate my uniform stage” which I have finally outgrew (those fines did not suit me well!). I’m in a random phase now, pretty much wearing whatever I feel like wearing. For the first time in years, there are more than a couple of colors in my closet.
8) I love playing matchmaker…
9) I also love thinking of gifts for my girlfriends’ boyfriends. Which is weird!
10) I have all of Nsync’s albums on my IPOD (once a fan, always a fan)…
11) Speaking of playlists, mine is just weird: my EMPEZAR playlist has Michael Jackson (You’re still the king baby), Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Demi Lovato (Better than Miley!), Miley Cyrus (I’m still searching for Selena’s record!), Adele, Marie Digby, Katy Perry, Sara Barellies, Hillsong, Boyce Avenue, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Leona Lewis, Britney Spears, A couple of Nsync songs, a few rappers and a few classics on it. That may be the reason why my mood is constantly changing, my playlist is too eclectic…
12) This is totally pointless but I’m in the middle of reading four books right now: I have one that I read in the morning (Joel Osteen), while waiting for my favorite TV show at night (Sophie’s World), during my lunch break (Fair Peril) and in between classes (My trusty advertising book!). No wonder I have such a busy social life.
13) Stockings are a staple in my closet right now because the school has a thing about showing way too much flesh when teaching (okay, I don’t wear short skirts to work, so what is the deal?!)
14) I can be extremely sweet and probably the nicest person you’d ever meet but if you hurt my family, well, you’d be seeing an uglier version of me who I don’t like as much as well. So do me a favor and drop it, okay?
15) I think Nathan Scott is the most perfect person on TV. I don’t know why. He just is.
16) I used to have a thing for saving people, which was majorly destructive! You cannot date a guy, find yourself and save them at the same time. That’s just wrong.
17) Angelina Jolie amazes me! She and Megan Fox are my girl crushes!
18) I love to wear heels and I’m 5’8, there’s just something wrong with that!
19) I think my brother Carl is a superstar and my sister, Rosetti—a goddess.
20) My dad would always be the guy I benchmark every guy to and that’s a pretty tough benchmark!
21) My mom would be my best friend, my number one fan and my worst critique forever!
22) I used to love Geometry. I still think its interesting.
23) I have a thing for smart guys. You can be the best looking in the room, but if you have no brains to show for, then I’d just have to say bye!
24) KC De Venecia, you are still missed!!
25) I want to save the world, one kid’s education at a time. In God’s perfect time.