In the past week since I turned 31, I have:

  • Twisted my ankle
  • Said goodbye to my niece who is returning back to Manila
  • Bawled my eyes so much that I couldn’t even keep them open when I went to work on Friday. I cried again this morning.

Blame it on retrograde, blame it on a shift, or blame it on life. I am not one to air my dirty laundry in public but then again, it’s not like anyone reads this since it doesn’t have those recipes or “insta pics”. At its very essence, this blog seems to function the way it did when I first started it in 2004 – a diary that you hope no one will see.

It’s ironic because today feels like 2004 – I spent the whole day crying and watching Veronica Mars’ new season (no thanks to the internet for spoilers, Logan was the best part of that show). And the issue that I’ve been crying about is the same one I’ve been crying about since I was a child and yes, since 2004. I recall feeling the same way I do now as I have in 2004 when I first watched Veronica Mars.

And maybe at 31, I need to give myself the chance to heal from that, to unpack it, and move forward. For a pushover, this is HUGE and I am uncertain as to where to go from here but I choose to move forward.

All will be well.