4 letter word



The word that makes the world go round. May it be love from a significant other, a parent, a friend, a family member or someone we highly admire.

From the time the word was introduced to us by our parents, the definition of love has changed so much we got confused as to what it truly means.

Some of us have had bad experiences with those who said they love us which left us associating love with something bad.

Others have tried to control us under the preface of love & we have always felt the need to try harder to make people love us.

Some of us unfortunately have never experienced love which is why we don’t know when we’re being taken advantage of or when we are being mistreated.

Love has been diluted to fit our standards and has been downgraded to something selfish and reserved only for a selected few.

However, if love is anything, it most definitely isn’t selfish.

Love, above all, isn’t self-seeking.

Love also doesn’t demand us to change into something we are not. It doesn’t demand that we become smarter, skinnier or even prettier than we are.

Love isn’t controlling, love has no rules to speak of. We don’t have to have a to do list of what we should or shouldn’t be in order to be loved.

In the purest of love, we are loved for who we are– even our messy parts.

And while the lovelorn sigh over the almost impossible love that I have just described, let us not forget the one who defined love for all of us made this kind of love possible.

While no human being can love us perfectly we can choose to give our hearts to those who, at the very least, respect us for who we are and won’t try to use love to control us or manipulate us.

We must stop torturing ourselves to constantly try harder to be loved, love needs no reason to love, it simply does.

We must accept the fact that we are loved as we are and anyone who tells us otherwise doesn’t need to be in our tight circle of friends.

Never let anyone define whether or not you are meant to be loved because that is not even a question you should ponder on.

You are loved.

End of story.