I’ve always prided myself as the girl who at least tries to do it all. I’ve always wanted to become my own version of superwoman – the girl who works eight to nine hours a day, goes to the gym for three while maintaining vital relationships and staying updated on the current trends. This on top of making sure that I have my eight hours of sleep a night.

In a weird way, I absolutely like getting things done – whether at work or in my personal life. It’s safe to say that I can be quite ‘controlling’ and like scheduling every single moment of my everyday to squeeze in everything that I have to do. But you know what they say about working too hard and not having enough down time to just relax. Basically today, my throat (though not as painful as yesterday) is not at its best (meaning I can’t eat all the sweets I want) and my body is crying for me to rest! 

You see my body’s been telling me this for quite sometime now but I’ve been arrogantly ignoring it saying I have all the vitamins in the world to sustain me while at the same time also arguing that there’s just not enough time for that.

Well today, I realized that I am not superwoman and never will be. I’ve been spreading myself too thin and not investing on what or rather who matters most – Jesus. Because of my busy hours I haven’t been spending enough time soaked in the truth of who He is and it became a downward spiral from there.

So today, aside from resting my physical body, I am also resting my soul because at the end of the day, my favorite verse comes to mind, what do you benefit if you gain the world but lose your soul?

So signing off to laze in bed and just be.