“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.”
                                    – Isaiah 55:8

It is safe to say that one should never question God nor question the plans that He has for us however as human beings we couldn’t help but wonder why things didn’t workout or why our prayer was answered with a no.

In the past four years there have been so many questions in my mind and so many unrealized dreams that there was a time that I thought the life that I have always dreamed of was just that — a dream.

In recent days, I have learned to let go of the things that I could never understand and was resolved to believe that God was enough and I wasn’t in the position to ask why and yet God is faithful.

I would not go through the details but let me just say that in the past four years I have been praying for something so big that it being unanswered left me broken for a time, but now, four years later I am so glad that God didn’t answer that prayer with a yes because of course, He knew better.

So Lord, I take this day to thank you because you saved me from that and in the process, you have drawn me closer to You.

All with a purpose indeed. Romans 8:28.