More of You, Less of Me.



On the way to work today, I had a silent realization in my heart, “Thank God not all of my prayers were answered.”

It was quite magnificent to me simply because I’ve always wanted to have my own way. I have never been a brat, demanding my way in a public show, but I would often sulk, feel bad and fall into a pool of self-pity simply because one prayer wasn’t answered the way that I wanted it to.

But now, I look back and thank God for limiting me from making life-altering decisions that could have led me God knows where.

I’m quite amazed that He loved me enough to withhold something from me that would make me happy in the short term but relatively hurt and broken in the long run.

I would rather not elaborate but today i’m just grateful– i’m grateful that no matter how hard headed  I was or how stubborn I was, God, not even once, ever let go of me.

God’s arms of grace just envelopes me today and I am more than thankful for the fact that God waited for me to turn to Him to make me happy.

All my life I’ve been asking for things to fill the hole that only He can fill.

I’ve been telling God what would make me happy when in truth, I needed to take a step back, fill myself with His goodness which is not a struggle because it is something that He freely gives and bask in His love and mercy which is truly what completes me.

If nothing in your life seems to be going right at this moment, if you are frustrated and you just want to know where to begin… start with Jesus.

And soon enough, everything will fall into place. No gimmicks, no formulas.. just the love we’ve all wanted at one point.