a few ho hums:)


* I love MY GOD.* Yes, I’m the girl with the purity ring.* I’m the QUEEN of mood swings*I’m the ultimate neat freak* I am Wentworth MIller’s fiancé. Haha.* Veronica Mars and Haley James are my alter egos* Basketball rules!! NOTHING is more exciting or thrilling.* My family’s my top priority* Chocolates, coffee, a good book and a huge hug can make up for a bad day.* The golden rule applies to my social life* Writing is my number one passion*I’m sungit if I haven’t eaten yet.* I ADORE: kids, anything bright, the 60s and sensible conversations* I DESPISE: cliques, conformity, labels and all the other drama* SERENDIPITY is my most favorite word* I believe in fairy tales* I’m obsessed with one tree hill* I love dancing and singing with the help of my ipod. (Who cares if im frustrated in both? haha)* No one’s better than anyone, we’re just different.*I’m 18, but I could pass as a 7 year old or a 27 year old- it depends on the situation* Barney really makes me happy.* I’m the talkative girl who says I love you to everyone.*The simple pleasures give me the greatest joy:)*I’m complicated so don’t even bother trying to figure me out.* I love my family, I love my friends, I accept the things that come my way: I simply embrace life.* I am blessed and happy and I wish the same for everyone else.