oh my milenyo!!


When I heard that classes on Thursday were suspended due to the storm, I didn’t think much of it, since classes got suspended all the time. I dismissed it as something that would go away and not be much of a bother.

I guess I didn’t know how WRONG I was.

Milenyo caused deaths, fallen trees,billboards, countless accidents and a blackout that caused almost three days to restore (in our area, we were included in the number of cities that were the last to get power).

The worst that it did for me is the fact that we had two very hot sleepless nights and thanks to the power, I couldn’t get to the presntation that I had to do.

But I don’t think I can complain that much since a lot of people lost more than time. They actually lost homes and most importantly lives!

A tragedy like this would make you think of how much you can take things for granted and how much we tend to busy ourselves with the rampage of new technology that when its taken away we freak.

Another thing that we take for granted are the people around us. Just the thought of loosing a love one to a tragedy as such makes me shiver. It made realize that life is too short to be angry (referring to the issues in my life right now). It’s all about appreciating the little things.

Thank God for the protection.
For the restored electricity and most importantly: LIFE.
To those I have wronged:
I am deeply sorry:)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and REJOICE!