a few more of my random thoughts on a tuesday afternoon


“Your heart is not living until it has experienced pain. The pain of love breaks open the heart even if it is as hard as a rock” -Hazel Inayat Kuan

Interesting quote huh? Interesting bloggering as well. Haha.

Well, I’ve got about a week left until school starts again and I just decided to pull my life together and just MOVE on. Forget about the things with which I cannot change and just enjoy the things that are actually present in my life
You know what saddens me? The amount of kids who go to sleep hungry every single day. Its kindda upsetting because most of us worry about what we’re going to wear tomorrow while there are others who go to sleep at night thinking if they would still live to see the next day. Its kind of dramatic BUT that doesn’t take away the reality of it. Its sad and I pray everyday that I could do more than just pray.
In line with that its also disheartening to know that there are about a million kids in Ethopia who are not studying. Sad fact because those fortunate ones go and waste the chance they’ve got to study. All they do is party and immerse themselves in superficial things. Sad and kind of pathetic if you ask me.
I guess the reason why most people are lonely these days its because they tend to look inward instead of outward. They tend to find things to satisfy them without thinking that maybe making others happy would be the ultimate bliss for everyone. I don’t know just a thought… Think about it okay?


boo for those people who don’t do anything else but brag about their clothes and oh so busy social lives. As if your parties actually help people in need. It just satisfies you for what? Thirty minutes until you get too wasted to remember? I’m all for a good time but seriously no one has to hear about it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I hate people who constantly begin thier sentences with, “There’s this party..”, “I know this person she/he was on the cover of”… well you know the deal.

please. a little more sensible things to talk about:)