whoa-oh, i think i made a boo-boo


I seriously didn’t intend to hurt anyone. I just want to say THANK YOU. Uh-oh, bad move. People look into stuff more than I give them credit for. Durn, that little action may actually mean A LOT to other people. Huwat? Can’t I be nice? UH-OH. Major bu-bu.
I think I just hurt someone I really like. Uh-oh again. NO thanks to the fact that I continually analyze the smallest things that it drives people insane. Crap. Well, if that person would just talk to me then maybe I could set the record straight. That person is TOO arrogant for that person’s own good.
I wish people would stop ASSUMING. (ha, im one to talk but seriously!).
Just because i’m nice to someone doesn’t really mean I LIKE THAT PERSON. Just because I cheer for that person it doesn’t mean that I LIKE THAT SOMEONE too.

All you have to do is come up to me and ASK.
That would make everyone’s lives EASIER:)
Trust me.