you said what?



“Miss, pabili ng colgate..ung close up”

Ano raw? Colgate na close up pa.

“Day, patayin ang ilaw”

translation: KILL the lgihts. Aba, aba street slang


“Yaya, close the lights”

Ahemm… di naman door un.

“Ang traffic!”

Lagi naman may traffic eh, better to just say, “the traffic was heavy”

Another funny trait Filipinos have these days is the fact that 80% of today’s population wishes that thier children, especially little girls would be a part of the sexbomb dancers.

Tsk tsk. NO thanks to the shortage of teachers and good schools in the Philippines. I just read in the paper today that we are lacking almost 5, 000 elementary teachers alone! We really can’t blame those leaving the country to search for greener pastures but the lack of a good education system is way too depressing.

Especially if the taxpayers’ money all go to the kids of the senators, congressmen and whatnot who choose to study in the states.