I realized something when I was in church earlier.

Everyone, in one way or another, is hiding beneath a mask. Thier lives could seem SO perfect on the outside but in reality, one would never know what is really going on behind the mask. I know i know, I so don’t want to sound like oprah but its the truth.

Which is why its kindda unfair to look at one person and say,
“Oh gad, she has the BEST life, I wish I had her life”
because in one way or another, thier life is messed up too. They may have a good way of concealing it but there’s no escaping it.

It made me realized that everyone has thier own little things to deal with and no one’s life is better than anyone else’s. As I always say, people are different from each other, not BETTER.
Thier problems may seem trival to other people but to them, it’s tough.

So, I guess it all boils down to minding our own business and not judging people. I have stuff to deal with, they have stuff to deal with so we should just let them be. We are in no position to say, “What the hell is she yanking about?” (guilty as charged) because we really don’t know the REAL SCORE.

I also realized another thing, real kindness can be tested when dealing with difficult people. Its so easy to be nice to someone who is pleasant and blessed with an endearing personality but its more difficult to be nice to someone who isn’t … nice. SO i guess its better to repay meaness with kindness. Difficult but i hope I get there in time.:)

Okay, I think i’ve had enough drama for the day.