conformed world? maybe not


If you’ve been reading my blog for quite sometime now I guess you’d realize that I’ve confirmed it a LONG TIME AGO that we’ve lived in conformed society for a longest time.

Get this…

Maybe, I was mistaken.

You see, I know half of the world today has already been “westernized” but I guess I forgot all about the OTHER half. I just came from my sociology class and I’ve realized that inasmuch as the whole world has been getting into the latest technology, there are still some parts of the world, such as Ghana in Africa, which is to say, at the very least, technologically challenged.

In Ghana, owning a telephone is a LUXURY. Weird huh? And also some tribes in Africa still continue to practice weird traditions that can be traced back to olden days.

I mean, I know this but sometimes I forget that every single place is different. Sometimes we get so used to what’s around us, we forget that what may be normal to us may not be for other people. It’s kindda interesting…don’t you think?
Read the solitaire mystery, my kuya was right. It IS good:)
Go kings:))))