ITS a wonderful world after all


Gin Kings lost last night 🙁 It’s okay though, I know thier tired and their last three games were AMAZING. And there are still like four games left so I’m hopeful:-) I’ve got faith that they could make it this time against those GIANT MEANIES.

Even if that person was really bitchy before and couldn’t even remember your name, its better to give that person a second chance especially if she has changed already. It’s a humbling experience when you finally don’t feel anything negative towards someone you used to loathe. I don’t mean to be preachy here, but it feels great to finally let go of all the negative emotions and just be happy.

Being hopeful is one of the most serene feelings in the world. It makes one feel that maybe at the end of a grungy day/situation, something better will come.

It’s exhilirating.