A few things I saved in my phone but has forgotten about


Sent to my bestfriend, Joray:

“I’m smiling best from ear to ear and my heart’s dancing”

Saved while waiting for my doctor:

The Hole

It used to be negative and something that’s never ever to be mentioned.

But today it’s simply the place where one can rest and not worry about life’s nothingness.

A place just to relax and feel comfortable without a hint of worry.

Easier said than done because one is too busy with so many things to do and to think of.

Because of that it’s harder to enter that place simply because one doesn’t have the time.

Saved after watching Mighty Ducks for the nth time:

We all wish to experience the same magnificent feeling again- to discover something that can never be recreated again.
It may be the same place, may even be of the same day but never ever the same wonder.

Saved while watching a game:

Silently Watching
Silently Listening
Just wishing that it would just all go away
Sometimes I can’t explain why it’s still here with us both knowing that the wind has already taken it away.
Without a doubt that was definitely the end but my heart just won’t stop this crazy pilgrimage of intense insanity.
It continues to hope that it would all be explained soon.
Hoping that the madness that I felt has a reason of some sortThat someday it would all unravel and our first would definitely be our last.