When do we really deserve what we want?


When we were younger, we would only be able to be given the “Baby All Gone” doll only when we get high grades or win a spelling bee or something.
Achievement would make us deserve that doll because that’s what we wanted.

As you grow older, one would only deserve to be on varsity team if one has “special talent”, that’s the only requisite, however if you “worked hard” you would deserve to be on the team as well.

A basketball team deserves to win if they put their heart in the game.

Maybe in those specific circumstances, one may actually have to work to deserve something.

But, what about the other things in life?

Like friends.
Like attention from your parents.
Like respect from your peers
Or that special person

When it comes to these things you always question “Do I really deserve it?” One always asks if they’re good enough to actually deserve what they have.

If one has a million and one friend, they go thinking, “Why do I have all them?”

Or when one has the perfect parents, they leave it all to luck.

Somehow friends and family are easily digested rather than having that perfect dream person in our lives.

The person we’ve waited our whole lives to have.

When that happens to us we somehow think, “What have I done to have this person in my life?”

Which I think is the craziest thing ever.

Primarily because we think less of ourselves and never think that “we deserve it”.

What is truly the measure of deserving something? Or Someone?

Do beauty queens and supermodels deserve more than “normal” girls?

Is our lack of faith in ourselves connects to our belief in Santa Clause?

You do remember the Naughty and Nice list right?

I think that’s a totally foreign idea especially to adults.

We should somehow learn to grow up, but don’t be coming after me for advice on how to grow up simply because I’m often lost in the rules of that phase as well.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this entry.

When oh when do we deserve what we want?

When can we own something or someone and not feel like it’s going to go away simply because we don’t deserve it.

I really hope that people would stop thinking that way.

When it comes to things that we really can’t buy or work hard for we often push it away subconsciously because we’re too afraid that we don’t deserve it.

I guess this may explain a couple of things about life and our choices.

So, you, whoever you are nice enough to read my blog need to make a choice today- I just want to tell you that you deserve it.