A gray Wednesday


I was taking a bath this morning when it started raining. I love the rain, don’t get me wrong, its just really annoying when you’re taking a shower and its as if the water you’re using is the one from the heavens because the raindrops are thundering on your roof.
I finally caught Harry Potter last Friday. It was the best Harry Potter so far. The director was really a good one. I totally loved it!:) Cedric was hot and so was Harry:) Haha. I was crying buckets towards the end of it (during the time where Cedric asked Harry to bring his body back). Tears, Tears and more Tears.
I really want to see a bunch of movies, but just my luck, finals is coming up in two weeks. I don’t think I need to retaliate the point that I AM FREAKIN’ OUT! Hahaha.
I heard Prime is good. Just for the record. I liked Bryan Greenberg for more than a year now. Yes, even when he was chubby Jake on Tree Hill. I loved him loads already:) haha. Some annoying people in my class yesterday was talking about it… Okay, okay I’ve resolved not to waste blog space on annoying people so I’d rather not talk about it. Hahaha.:)
I know the SEA games is major deal for people but come on, couldn’t they have shown it somewhere else or had it during the June-September season. I’m totally a donkhead when it comes to these things but I wished they had it last September. Back when there no basketball games to interrupt. I really miss the basketball games. *sigh*. I haven’t even watched one Sea Games event without dozing off. Sorry just trying to be honest here. Hehe.
Its only 9:30 am and I am so tired already.