the quotes that inspired me today and helped me get back on track


(From “Saving My First Kiss” by Lisa Velthouse. It’s this amazing book, that made me realize that my patience and sacrifice isn’t going to waste.)

“I must be able to believe that God’s timing of events is what’s best for me. I have to trust that He’ll work out the events of my life in the right sequence and on a perfect schedule.”

“Choosing to be modest is a very empowering thing. It is a sign that a person is confident and secure. While some women rely on low necklines to catch the attention of others, a modest woman depends on her inner, lasting qualities to set herself apart from the rest. While immodest womne showcase the cheapest versions of themselves first, a modest woman forces the world to see her internal value too.”

“A girl will attract a certain kind of young man by the way she dresses. If a woman’s desire is to have a godly mate, it only makes sense that the kind of man would value modestly, not only in a dress but also in speech and presence”