a little question of insanity.. seriously.


I was just wondering… If you’re going craszy, do you actually know that you’re going crazy? Or is it only noticed by the people around you? Like your dad for example. Hmm. If you have an answer email me immediately at the addresses given in the “ABOUT ME” box.
So what exactly prompted this question? Well, you see for the past three days my dad and I have been arguing a lot. Nothing that would shake the world or turn me into a rebel chick, but arguements that people who love each other get into every now and then.
I must admit that I have been more irritable than I used to be but it may be because of all the pressure around me. So my dad’s wondering what happened to his eleven year old like daughter and who is this old lady that he is always with?
I can sense that it’s logical… but if I’m mad at the world all the time does that make a crazy person? And as I sifted through my blogs I realized just how much I’ve changed! It’s like I’m a totally different person… what do you think? again email me at your convinence.
So another issue with the rents is my weight. Which annoys the hell out of me!! Again I am not ANOREXIC, maybe I am scared of gaining the weight I had before (ALOHA WHALE SHARK FROM FINDING NEMO) but that’s just it. I know for a fact that NOT eating will make your memory weak and I don’t need that. So i’m not anorexic, I like the weight that I am in and oh I’m not underweight!
So anyway, I know that my father is just worried about me. Well, it’s not exactly his fault that his daughter is the ultimate dramaqueen. *sigh* And I’ll forever be a daddy’s girl.
I just want to be my old improved self. Hmm. that was confusing. but i know you get my point.
To better days ahead. Cheers!