that’s the reason why our perception of beauty is distorted


Yesterday, a classmate of mine showed me the dove evolution commercial which showed how certain models were pinched and edited in order to look like goddesses. It was for thier search for real beauty campaign and boy did it hit home! It was ironic because as I was thinking of that this morning, I turned on my radio and mo and the rest of his crew were talking about the same thing.
Just for the record, I love Mo, Andi-9 and mojo jo jo’s morning show. I’ve loved it eversince it started. Hands down to mo, he is such an honest person. Someone so frank and opinionated I appear meek compared to him. He’s so amazing. *gush gush* There goes my crush on short guys, trust me I never go for the six footers, kindda crazy if you know the environment that I grew up in.

Anyway, back to the topic they were constantly talking about how hot girls would only go out with rich guys. Same line of superficiality that I was talking about previously. I don’t know how to react to this specific statement.
I believe that in one way or another, girls were raised by thier parents and taken care of to not just starve to death. It’s a reality. I for one don’t want to starve to death, most of the time, love just aint enough. Period.

So i’m not commenting on that anymore.

However, he said something about people in this country and how they worship the rich. NOW that is something I agree with. They’re just people anyway. And what is up with people worshipping celebrities in this country? I understand the whole american culture but the philippines? Reality check, most of them are just like you and me plus an ego as huge as Europe.

so why bother?

And i HEART nerds. They’re the best people to be around. if a guy knows how to dress most of the time he doesn’t know the difference between Antartica and Australia.