A-N-G-E-R is NOT healthy


I went to chruch this morning and despite my very sleepy state, I was able to sit upright and listen.
And boy am I glad that I didn’t fall asleep on my chair because it was about anger.
I love Pastor Paul–he’s never boring. He’s just real and can actually relate to what we, normal people go through everyday.
It was as if his message was tailor-made for me.

after the service today, I was just happy.
How can I complain right?
There’s shit happening in my life, but all I have to do is fight against it.
Pastor Paul said that it’s okay to be angry over something that’s wrong such as poverty and corruption but you should do something about it instead of sulking around complaining about it.
I know I know I must be guilty of that. But it’s time for a change.
I saw Dreamgirls last night.
It was a great film.
Beyonce’s gorgeous and Jennifer Hudson deservers her Oscar.