Heavy thoughts on a cold and beautiful morning


“Oh, It’s taking so long,
I could be wrong,
I could be ready,
But if I take my heart’s advice,
I should assume, it’s still unsteady,
I am in repair
I’m not together

But I’m getting there”


Before I went to sleep last night, there was a billion and one thoughts buzzing into my head about what I should blog about, but when I got up this morning all those thoughts disappeared on me and I might be “blog-less” again for the first day of March.

But, hang on, the heavens are finally being good to me, because I remember one major thing that I really wanted to blog about late last night.


I watched The Prestige last night and at the beginning of the movie, it was a bit boring since I knew nothing about magic, but towards the end, I was so glad that I had the time to actually watch.

The movie evoked the consequences of envy, greed and jealousy.
It’s very dangerous and it tends to ruin the lives of those who are envious of other people.

A person who is filled envy is bound to make everyone miserable just because they are.

They badly want to have what the other person has that they don’t realize what’s right in front of them.

Somehow, they must always be better than everyone, than the person that they hate the most.

Hate is a powerful world.

But envy ruins things.

Other than destroying one’s self confidence, it ruins people’s relationships as well.

We must understand though, that envy doesn’t ruin other people’s lives as much as it ruins the person who’s filled with wrath.

Some people might think that by stealing one’s friend, boyfriend or material things, that person can be happy.

At the beginning of such distortion, maybe…

However, at the end of the day, when you lie in bed..

All you think of is that you’d never be satisfied and this is because you can never be the person you envy.

All you have is YOURSELF. And no matter how many partners you have, how many friends, how many achievements– you would never be truly happy unless you accept who you are.

No one can ask you to do that, no on can force you to do that.

I know it’s just nine in the morning and this is heavy stuff, but I hope it helps.

You see, envy doesn’t hit just the Cruella De Vils of the world, it hits everyone. It tries to destroy family relationships and what could be a good friendship.

Trust me, just like Anguier.

I went through it too.

It doesn’t do anyone, any good.