The most simple yet most romantic movie so far for this year


I watched The Holiday last weekend and just like what everyone promised me, it was beautiful.

Sasha would probably kick me for saying this but:

Jude Law is HOT.

But seriously, that is not the point of this entry. This is my second attempt at writing a review and I’m really hoping that somehow I’m going to get it this time.

Before I begin though, I would just like to say that every movie that has the word “holiday” in it ought to be good.

This was not one of those majestic movies wherein everyone meets at the airport and falls in love.

Its simpler but WAY better.
I can’t believe how small the world really is
this movie just proves that.

Watch it and fall in love.
(Thank God February is finito. All my entries were all connected to the stupid theme of the month. This is the last!)