A quick review of my past and a glimpse of my near future


Meeting up with old friends always leave me tensed hours before and fulfilled hours after whatever event brought us together in the first place.

A few hours before our first ever high school batch reunion, I was on the brink of eating every sweet thing in Town and bore my early bird friends to death with conspicuous stories.
As you can tell, I can get very talkative when I’m tensed. A lot of nonsense comes out of my mouth when in said state.

However, during the bash, I wouldn’t even know why I was so nervous to begin with.

My high school friends would forever be my high school friends. As I’ve said in earlier blog entries, I’d always remain the chubby girl in their eyes and that label always made me feel less comfortable.

Of course, the nerves were gone once I saw them again. Past issues and negative stories were replaced by squealing, pictures and laughter.

It felt so good and so right to see them again. It put a much needed stop to my chaotic world and I found rest in our stories about the golden days.

It was also gratifying to see how much my friends grew up in a span of two years. It was great to have seen a grown up version of them because in my mind, we would all be sulken 16 year olds wanting to get out.

Maturity looked good on everyone. Just check out the pictures.

Anyway, I have a new multiply site: http://gypseewoman.multiply.com. Hope you can add me up!


Saturday night was our last acquaintance party of our college life. I also did spend ample times with old friends and it felt good to reestablish broken relationships.

There’s a certain kind of fulfillment that comes from knowing that everything works out at the end.

So, I’m really not going to retell every single thing that happened last Saturday (partly because I’m too tired to remember) but I did realize one thing about myself that would most likely affect my future decisions:

“I took a step into taking a risk and the whole endeavor may have not turned out the way I wanted it to but still for once in my life: I jumped right into it without thinking and overanalyzing things. The past three weeks would be a constant reminder of my newfound inner strength being put into good use”