My friends incessantly call me “boy-crazy” for the same reason that parents call thier “tween” aged girls the same.
I am constantly in love with someone from the wonderworld called Hollywood.

If you’ve seen my very long list of the people I would want to meet, you’d get my point.

It’s safe to say that the past weekend wasn’t any different. Once again, I was submerged into TV-Landia and found myself googling and drooling over new guys.

Based on the very reliable source that I’ve found on the net, these guys are all.. well… geeks.

Which for me, heightens the appeal.

I am one weird girl with an equally weird taste in guys.
I really don’t know what the appeal is. For as long as I can remember I have liked the odd one out (except for a very short period of time wherein I was delusioned enough to think that I actually liked jocks).

I was in love with Arthur at the tender age of 7 for crying out loud! And up to this day, I never admitted it but I fell in love with Billy the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers and not Jason, the Red “heartthrob” ranger.

I really don’t know why.

To me, I guess, they provide more mystery as compared to a guy who’s all over town. There’s something “exciting” dare I say about a guy who’d rather do something corny such as Tree Hill marathons than go on and drink with the guys.
No, I am not wishing to date a mutant and all guys are the same (according to Tina-Hakim Baba from Princess Diaries) but there must be exceptions like the guys up there.

It may be wishful thinking and I’m really not thinking of falling in love anytime soon so for the meantime, my hollywood crushes are just fine, thank you:)