A Raket for Every Juan


“Uy, refer mo naman ako sa friend/ cousin / brother / tito/ tita/ insert someone closely related here,” is a sentence often heard once you leave the comforts of school and plunge into the world of earning your keep. It is not uncommon for the spirit of bayanihan to come alive when one needs a little lift or push during the job search.
Filipinos have long been known to be matiyaga and matiisin when it comes to earning a living. Since most Filipinos come from humble beginnings, we ultimately don’t mind rising from the ranks, and even foregoing our ultimate childhood dream in favor of a job that gives us stability.
And while these two scenarios may be completely be off hand from each other, they are actually components of the everyday Juan. A large number of Filipinos often get their first jobs via referral, and often stay in that job, even if it’s not something they are passionate about, in order to make ends meet.
These are the two major factors that inspired Raket.PH, the latest tool to help Filipinos to build their identity, follow their dreams, and become who they always wanted to be. Basically, it brings to the internet the “uy, refer mo naman ako” culture, and makes it work for the everyday Filipino worker.
One of the founders, Lyle Jover, along with his partners JP Menjares, Bryan Martinez says, “We had a dream to create an impact in society. Filipinos are very talented, but often lack opportunity; this makes it hard to see our dreams come true. Our vision comes from a desire to help.”
Raket.PH is meant to be a platform for professionals and freelancers to finally make their dreams come true. Lyle believes that each Filipino can still make their dreams come true without having to quit their day jobs by creating a profile listing their talents on Raket.PH and soon they can interact with employers in need of part-time workers. Not only will they be earning more, but also they will be able to enhance their skills and talents without having to sacrifice meeting their family’s needs.
Jover adds, “Our entire team believes that this could really be something, something that people can rely on, and give them opportunities that hopefully go beyond the Philippines. We took this risk because we believe that it is worth taking.”

Truly, with Raket.PH, the possibilities that used to be limited are now limitless.