Tales from a Superwoman


Every so often, we meet people who are just ridiculously magical; you just can’t help but want to be around them all the time. A perfect example is my good friend, 26 year old, Sabrina Mesina. Not only is she ridiculously beautiful, extremely kind, and wickedly smart, but also a full time mom to an adorable toddler and wife.
But more than just being a ridiculously wonderful person (and my kindred spirit), Sabrina is also an entrepreneur. Very typical of today’s generation, Sabrina jumped into starting her new business head on, with an unmatchable passion. Her passion and creativity translated into a cool, one of a kind clothing line called Sea Otter and The Starfish. When asked what made her start a business despite the challenges of being a first time mom and wife, she goes on to say, “I started it out of pure necessity. Shortly after the birth of my first son, Gracen, I started buying clothes for him and couldn’t find any that expressed creativity, were comfortable, and at the same time encouraged imagination and freedom of it.” The lack of clothes that expressed a child and a parent’s individuality pushed a fresh out of fashion school Sabrina to make her own line along with her older sister, Haji.
And while she found joy in designing, sewing, and the entire creative process, she recalls the first years to be difficult and involved a lot of learning and listening – which she continues to believe in now, “You can never stop learning. I’m a big believer in constant learning.” Sea Otter and the Starfish soon became a favorite of friends, a popular alternative for their kids, and a great expression of the parents’ lifestyle.
The success of Sea Otter and the Starfish soon inspired her to create what she defines as her “manchild”, a clothing line specifically made for men called Great Authors. Inspired by her great love for literature, “I wanted to make clothes that, in my mind, any of my favorite writers, like Ernest Hemingway, or their characters would wear if they were having coffee with me.” She describes Great Authors as “something classic, not trendy, to wear through and through, and most importantly agree with the wearer.” An added touch is that she sews quotes from some of her favorite novels.

From a single person’s perspective, Sabrina lives such a superwoman lifestyle, when asked how she is able to do it all, she’s quick to say, “Meditation helps a lot, I meditate during quick time outs for myself, read a few pages, hang out with a bunch of good friends. What helped me become professional and get things done is through pre meditation and organizing priorities.” When asked what the biggest challenges were, especially in the fashion industry, “This industry demands socialism, and I am such a recluse, but I’m finding my way. My mother taught me to be strong, no matter what, and this is how I overcome. The most enduring characters are seared with scars of all they have endured right? Making it to any end is no fun without good stories to tell. It also helps when you have a loving, supportive most of friends and family to encourage you,too. Hold on to those people, they won’t fail you.”