A scribble on facebook (ADD ME ADD ME ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Carla is sick and tired of ’em bad boys!

Robbie Jane is heavensent:) She sent me this text message earlier, “You know what, you should 🙂 I couldn’t put it into words how I feel to know for sure that there’s someone out there who thinks, cares and love you the exact same way 🙂 Don’t worry, THEY’LL FIND YOU. And like always, THEY COME AT THE VERY LEAST time you expect em to :)”

THANKS ROBBIE. We did talk about a lot more things and gad, I’m just grateful to that girl. It’ is priceless indeed to have someone who just gets it. =)

So yeah, I’m sick and tired of them bad boys who constantly need to be saved. Because love doesn’t have to be a struggle anyway.

Also another musing, shy boys are more trustworthy because when they make a move, they actually MEAN IT and not just to stroke thier ego.