“Kelan pa nagka bayad ang tubig?” and other parodies


The adage, “nothing comes for free” proves to be truer these days and I’ve been hit by this today when I realized that every single thing that I intake or use has to be paid for. Imagine, dying from thirst and having to search your pockets for change, five pesos to be exact. Gone were the days where the water from the fountain wasn’t contaminated and you got to enjoy the perks of free water. Bummer.

I was reading Shine’s blog entry about taxes and just like her, I really want to declare myself as married with dependents just so my tax rate would go down. It’s so frustrating to be paying for so much when you know that there are MANY Filipino children who are going to bed hungry, attending jampacked classes or worse, not given the chance of having a good education. Where does all the money go? I guess, we all know the answer to that. Everyone’s doing it, that’s your excuse, but please have some dignity and don’t get ALL OF IT. Leave some and give it to the people, instead of continually burying your ill-gotten wealth in some European country, your million and one mistresses, your lavish houses in Alabang or wherever and sending your kids abroad. Seriously, how do you people sleep at night?

My mom is a big fan of Star Columnist, Cecille-Lopez Lilles. She’s an insightful writer and makes you think twice about certain decisions and choices. I’m mentioning her in this particular entry because I adored her article in the Philippine Star today about the “Eternal Boy” because it spoke about my past relationship with the “eternal boy” and I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh about the fact that they do exist and are actually as common as the chocnut that you can buy on the corner street. My mom would probably love that article because it will definitely remind her of my older brother. So, cheers to writers like her, who hits the target every single time.

I was gloating yesterday. My heart was swelling and my feet were dancing. I haven’t felt that way in a long time partly because I haven’t allowed myself to feel that elated. You know, the whole martyr thing worked for awhile but no-can do anymore. I am allowing myself to feel things again and this time, I’m not thinking about tomorrow or about the consequences of the situation and what not. I’m simply taking it one step at a time (yes, just like the song).

  • A prayer for Teacher Aileen.