A special reminder to me


  • You prayed for a godly man, no one who has zero spiritual life.
  • You prayed for a guy with compassion. Ditto him on this one.
  • You prayed for a guy who’d open the door for you, treat your mom right and treat your dad with respect.
  • You prayed for a matured guy.
  • You prayed for a guy who’d make you laugh… Well, he had his moments.
  • You prayed for an honest guy, no matter what the situation was.
  • You prayed for a guy who will share your passion in saving the world. One who spent time on important matters and not partying 24/7
  • You prayed for a guy who’d accept you and not try to mold you into his very superfical definition of beauty.

Looking back on this list, I have come to realize the reason why the answer to your prayers was a resounding NO. He wasn’t going to be your prince charming, he was just a frog that you HAD TO MEET along the way. Be grateful for the lessons and move on.

Carla, you were told that you deserved the best and I dare say that you still do! 🙂