Rockin’ For Good ( Caution: A very detailed entry about my life right now)


Today was a stressful day. A really stressful one but at the same time, fulfilling because I got things done. There are times wherein I think that work is just work and that I’ve gotten used to the routine and how things work.

But on days like the one that I just had, I realized that I’m still a neophyte in this industry and there are a lot of twists and turns along the way. However, I’m not expecting defeat because I know that the Lord has made me more than a conqueror and I’m a victor, not a victim.

It’s just that, well, reality is reality after all. There’s still a lot to learn in this new world that I’ve found myself in and making mistakes is part of the whole process.

I was inspired by friend Marc’s entry in his blog wherein he mentioned that our weaknesses are made perfect in God and it makes me move forward with faith. What I’m trying to say is that I no longer let the little things ruin me, instead I’d use it as a challenge and realize that the only way to grow is to accept challenges, act on it and DO SOMETHING. I think that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned: DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF WAITING.

And I think I did that in more than one aspect of my life today and I can say that I’m proud. It’s the little things that make life more exciting really and when you go out there and encounter situations that was placed there to put a frown on your face, you realize that there are three other things that would make up for it. Going home and telling my family about the crappy day that I just had is one of them. Having friends who listen to you and comfort you is another and having someone who’s concerned about you and who tries hard to make you laugh when you’re down is another gem as well.

People disappoint you and there are just people who try thier hardest to make others feel miserable but then again that’s thier problema and not yours, so worrying about and feeling bad about it is worthless.

There’s another thing that I realized as well. The dream guy would never be the guy you end up with. That’s because you can never be who you really are when your dream guy is around primarily because well… the person you dream of could only end up with the person you’ve always wanted to be and even in our wildest dreams, we never truly become the person we dream to become when we’re fourteen.

The guy you end up with is totally different from the guy you’ve prayed for when you were fourteen, he has more quirks than good traits and he’s so “edged” that you don’t even know why you put up with him.

But then you get your answer immediately: It’s because he’s the one the Lord gave you. He’s the answer to every prayer you’ve fervently wished for when you were younger. He wasn’t what you expected, but finally I get the cliche that he’s the one I deserve.

And now I totally get the Angelina-Jen-Brad thing, although I’d rather keep the details to myself. Things just happen and you can’t blame people all the time, you can’t expect people or situations to be placed in a box.

Life’s too rich and exciting.