a tribute to my bestfriend


A lot of us encounter a lot of best friends in the duration of our lives. As we go through life, we also realize that not all of these “best friends” remain that way as the seasons of life wilt away. There would only be a few who would stay and I’m fortunate because my declared best friend during my primary years is still the same person I call my best friend today. Ironic enough, we also share the same name, except for the first letter.
My best friend is turning 18 on Monday and the only down side to our friendship is the fact that she’s 3000 miles away. She left for New Zealand about five years ago, but the thing with our friendship is the fact that it has surpassed the distance.
Funny thing, Karla and I didn’t always get along. When we first met each other when we were about 7 and on our way to the first day of second grade, we weren’t exactly what you’d call a “perfect match”. We were civil enough however to go to each other’s birthday parties and join together as a team when the war against the high school busmates occurred. We became the best of friends however, when we became classmates in the fourth grade. We’ve been inseparable ever since.
Karla was my first ever text-mate and even though I moved to CSA in my middle school years, I often visited her and thus the strengthening of our friendship. Our friendship has gone through the stages of old school letter writing, to friendster, emails and instant messaging. Don’t get me wrong though, I still wish every so often that she lived a few streets away like before instead of being miles away, but then again I know that this situation is merely temporary. I know that when I finally move to Australia for that internship, we will finally have the time of our lives!:-)
I know you don’t like that mush which is why, I’m laying down the cheese on this one. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY, KARLA!! I wish I was there and I wish that I was celebrating it with you. Don’t worry, I’m graduating in less than a year and I’ll finally be there! Enjoy your special day and don’t forget to tell me all about it, okay?!:)
I miss you so much, gorgeous! And I’m sorry if I haven’t been replying to your emails, I will after this tribute! He. He. He. LOVE YOU:)