“Growing” pains A.K.A. maturity


I don’t know where to start this entry or how I am going to relate this without sounding boring or preachy. That seems to be a problem because I fear that most of my entries sound too preachy, the reason why a number of people don’t read this said blog. Hehe. The thing is I don’t like writing about the negative things that are happening in my life or whatnot, there are times that I can’t help it, but as long as I could I try to steer away from negativity. We all know that we have enough of that already.

So, I try (key word here is “try) to write about entries that lead to “hope” or at least a little optimisim.

I am going through a new stage of my life right now and I am trying to face it with a certain amount of optimism. Its not exactly an easy stage of my life, but I am trying to go through this transition with ease and as I’ve said a million times, optimisim.

I must admit, I have always been a people pleaser. There’s like this huge part of me that wishes to please everyone and make sure that everyone around me or currently in my life is a-okay. I suppose its okay, except for the fact that some people might use that to take me for granted or treat me poorly and I hardly retaliate because I know that if I do then I’d defy the whole purpose of people pleasing.

But after the termbreak, its like this change triggered in me. Maybe, its because I’m older or I’m finally leaving my shell and meeting more people and realizing that people pleasing may be this plague that would haunt me forever.

So, now, aside from the fact that I am enjoying soltitude more and more these past few days, I am also enjoying the fact that maybe, just maybe, inasmuch as I love my college friends, I am learning to do things on my own and accepting the fact that we are all changing and that maybe our interests may not be the same anymore. Unlike in high school though, this isn’t something that I should hate them or be jealous of. Its the way of life and Im just glad because I know that at the end of the day, if storms hit, I’d have them. We don’t have to be together 24/7 but I know they’re there.