After All, Kaya Mo


Original Posting Date: March 11, 2009

“The Greater The Darkness, The Greater The Light”

-St. Peter

My status on YM last Monday was so unbecoming of me that well-meaning friends buzzed me and asked me what was wrong. Of course, what I told them is something that I cannot divulge publicly because the matter does not directly involve me but rather people I care about deeply (i.e.: my family).

What I still don’t understand about myself is the fact that I can take all the beatings in the world done to me by the devil’s disciples here on earth, but when it comes to my family, I have a lesser amount of patience.

I was boiling mad last Monday. Injustice, among other things is something that I cannot take sitting down. My initial response was to fight back, call a friend and ask that friend’s Special Forces to kill off the person and make him suffer in the best way possible.

That thought made me realize that anger and revenge are very dangerous alliances to keep at bay.

In the heat of your anger, one can do the very thing they promised they would never do. After I cooled down a bit and released my anger through the old fashioned way of crying your heart out, I asked myself what was the point of countless Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and New Life Podcasts stuck in my ear all afternoon if my initial reaction toward a trial of my faith was to fight back and fight hard.

The world is full of injustices, humiliation (just a few shy words to form the world humility) and mean people (a letter shy of the men). Every day you are tasked to receive attacks from the enemy and you are expected to get back on your feet and fight hard enough by surrendering to the idea that there is someone up there in this big universe fighting your battles for you.

I think the first act of retaliation that crosses our mind is for them to lose more than what you have lost and hurt ten times more than you have. But faith says, you let them go, without saying a word and believe that God will take care of them, in His own way and in His own time.

This my friends, is the harder thing to do. It takes courage and a certain amount of bravery that I only saw from a few idols that I have in my life.

After all, we all have our moment of weakness.

After I heard the humiliating news last Monday, it took me awhile to get up and find a way to get happy. It also took me awhile to realize that I had to be strong for them and that my enthusiasm impacted them a great deal. I was the strong one, even though at that point, I was weak. All the words or wisdom and the things I’ve read were swimming in my head but I couldn’t sit down and comprehend them.

It took a full day for me to recover, although whenever I think about the injustice of it all (for the lack of a better term and really that is what it was), my heart still breaks into a million pieces.

But halfway through my hectic day, I began to realize that there wasn’t much anger in my heart anymore. Yes, it was still in pain but it is no longer angry or mad. Instead it’s just hopeful that today brings us one day closer to a miracle.

That realization led me to the statement listed as the title of this blog entry; you realize that you have sufficient strength to get through anything.

That’s what I read about yesterday when I felt like I was depleted and had nothing left to do, you have sufficient strength, joy, peace and wisdom to get through today’s events and tomorrow will simply worry about itself.

So if you are going through something difficult or nerve wrecking remember, kaya mo. At bibilib ka sa sarili mo dahil nakaya mo siya.

Here’s a cheer for miracles ahead.