Who said no one loved the odd girl?


I have a confession to make: I got into the Koreannovela phase five years too late. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been interested in everything Korea ever since those eight kiddos made its way into my life and this particular novela got me going home early, sleeping late and drooling the whole day with a stupid and dreamy look eminent on my face.

It’s embarrassing to admit but Lovers in Paris has gotten me hooked the same way that Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars and Twilight has in the past. It also helps that the main character is just so handsome; I’m getting butterflies just thinking about him.

After watching it for four nights straight, I’ve come to the conclusion, that despite what society dictates, everyone and I do mean everyone loves the odd girl out.

Take this: Why would the richest man in Korea fall in love with the quirkiest girl who isn’t the most beautiful or well-educated? Why would he fall in love with someone who’s not afraid to show her weaknesses or not be embarrassed by doing things that society has flagged as inappropriate?

There’s a charm in that storyline. We’ve seen countless movies; read numerous books that made the heroine appear more real and less Barbie-manufactured.

It’s the same reason we fell in love with A Walk to Remember. Because who would have expected the tough, popular jock to fall in love with someone like her? We wonder the same way we do when the very attractive hero who can get any girl he wants fall for the odd girl, the one we’d easily rule out.

I am pegged with the same questions that most of you might have. I also wonder what in the world did he see in her and yet inside, I am secretly relieved.

Because if any of these films, TV shows and books ring true then I have lesser things to worry about. If the prince charming did not fall for the damsel in distress but rather the girl who does not need saving at all, then I wouldn’t have to worry if I had an extra brownie for desert or if whether or not my legs looked good in my new shoes.

In other words, I wouldn’t worry about being perfect and just concentrate on being me, flawed and all. I wonder whoever gave us the idea that we have to be perfect so that we can amount to anyone worthwhile.

I also ponder on the thought that somehow we have to deserve, or work hard for a love like that when in truth, it simply comes naturally. After the months that I have battled in my head about being perfect and finding someone just as perfect, this shatters the false truths in my head.

And a critical truth I forgot: We all deserve a love like that. Nobody has the right to tell you that you cannot amount to that love, because if there’s one Universal Truth that rings true, it’s just that you deserve to have the kind of love that makes your heart swell, a kind of love that doesn’t make sense, but you know is right for you.

This week, do me a favor and know that you deserve that.