After all, you get to open your heart…


Friday the 13th

It would be difficult for me to write about this weekend, simply because it has brought me to several highs and several equally low points. Writing has always been my therapy but right now, I cannot seem to find the words to explain how incredibly uncanny the weekend has been, not just for me, but for my family as well.

Forgiveness, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, is tricky, the same way that asking for forgiveness is.

When we were younger, it was so much easier to forgive someone because your four year old attention span was so short that you forgot what you ate for breakfast the day before.

At this age, it’s kindda tricky, because some things still hurt and some words still leave a scar. How do you move forward when you can’t erase what has happened before?

I thought forgiveness could be linked to erasing the past when in reality, that is something that you cannot do.

You move forward, forgetting what has been said, what has happened and how you were betrayed.

If forgiveness is tricky, forgetting is trickier. Which is why you give it a time. But at least, you started somewhere.

Kudos to my cousin, Jaja: She was the beacon of light on Friday the 13th. Starbucks, Shopping and you can heal any wounded heart so THANKS:)

And kuya, you know i love you 🙂